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2022 Design Challenge
Mission to Mars, a project for Year 7 Art & Design Excellence Program

In order to be admitted to the Year 7 Art & Design Excellence Program, Drago has been asked to design a one-of-a-kind terraforming solution for the first humans to journey to Mars, a small ecosystem with plants, animals, and water similar to those found on Earth. Before he could begin producing his design, he had to consider the following factors:

- The atmosphere on Mars will not support oxygen dependent life, so the experimental green space need to be contained and air recycled;
- Liquid water does not occur naturally on Mars, except in ice, and will need to be melted and circulated around in small ecosystem, so that none is wasted;
- Large animals are out of the question, as they will need to eat too much for this small experimental ecosystem, but some kind of animal life will need to be introduced and should act as beneficial for the other life inside the enclosure.

The Mars Colony

Pen on Paper, 140 GSM, A4

Ice Storage & Production
Pen on Paper, 140 GSM, A4

Aquaponics Habitat
Pen on Paper, 140 GSM, A4

Aquaponics Cycle
Pen on Paper, 140 GSM, A4